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Magnetic Control Eat Ice Cream Doll

Magnetic Control Eat Ice Cream Doll Item NO.: WJ0037

US$ 42.98
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Product Name Magnetic Control Eat Ice Cream Doll
Item NO. WJ0037
Weight 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category Creative Toys
Creation Time 2020-06-18

A very interesting doll, can be a good companion for children, can bring joy to children, or companionship in the soul.

Children have a lot of emotions, this ice cream doll will be happy and sad like children. When the children are happy or sad, the ice cream doll is undoubtedly the best companion for the children.

How to play

Put the ice cream in the doll's mouth, the doll may cry, laugh, even sing and dance.

Unscrew the screw on the back, put in three No. 5 batteries and turn on the switch to use.

The doll is made of high-quality plush fabric, which is very soft and comfortable, and will not lose color and hair.

Babies can hold it into a wonderful and warm dream.

The ice cream doll may be a noisy little guy in the eyes of adults, but it is a funny little guy in the eyes of the babies. The baby will be more focused and interested in ice cream dolls.
When the baby is sad, believe me, the ice cream doll is the baby's pistachio!


1. Simulated sound
Dolls are based on babies, with high-simulation sounds and rich expressions.
2. Magnetic induction design
As long as the ice cream is placed in the mouth of the doll, the doll will sense it and react differently.
3. Multifunctional design
She can cry, laugh, sing and dance, and is a good companion for children.

Product size: 12.0 cm * 12.0 cm * 30.0 cm


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